UEC (NAS Australia)

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UEC currently leads the market in sales of set-top for satellite TV for the remote living, caravanning and adventure travel markets in Australia.

The Opportunity

UEC has, until now, marketed its product lines separately. This has led to fractured brand recognition, and opportunity cost in terms of upselling and, recently, a reduction in market share in the most important area – set-top boxes.

The Objective

Amplify felt it essential to reinforce the perception in the market of UEC’s superior quality, the level of support they can provide to customers in remote locations, and their position as an innovator and brand lead. We also wanted to raise awareness of the complementary product lines offered by UEC, such as TV screens and satellite dishes.

The Brief

Amplify was tasked with developing a campaign to arrest the decline of set-top box sales in the face of aggressive marketing from new entrants into the category.

The Strategy

Rather than competing at the product level, we took a brand-led approach that positioned UEC as the go-to company for entertainment hardware if you lived in or were travelling in a remote location. A brand and communications plan was developed and supported by a new brand identity, advertising campaigns and website.

UEC (NAS Australia)
UEC (NAS Australia)

The Response

The strategy, concepts and brand identity work was all positively received by the client. The internal design teams are rolling out the new identity and campaigns.

UEC (NAS Australia)
UEC (NAS Australia)