Our Approach

Our philosophy of ‘Understanding before execution’ defines everything we do, and we approach all work in three stages:

Diagnosis. Strategy. Tactics.

Aligning our actions to this approach has three clear benefits. It produces a deeper understanding of our client’s product or service, a clearer picture of the competitive landscape in which the brand will operate and lastly, who the brand needs to talk to, where to find them, what to say and how to say it.

Our Approach


There’s no better place to start than at the beginning. You’ll get a clear understanding of where you’ve come from, where you are, where you want to get to and why.

By taking in the opinions of your clients or customers, those that work for and within the business and other key stakeholders, you’ll confirm things that you already knew, find out some things you didn’t, and most importantly, you’ll question some of the ideas that have become entrenched within your business and are holding you back.

Customer-centricity begins with a clean slate, a vacuum of preconceived ideas and an admission that your long-held opinions may not only be wrong, but they could cause you to miss out on growth opportunities.

We’ll fill this void with research and use information gleaned from your stakeholders to uncover:

  • What your customers think of you, what you do well and what you don’t
  • Why you clients work with you, and how
  • Align management and operational thinking to identify service gaps within your organisation
  • Map the market and conduct a competitive analysis of the competition
  • Examine your current marketing and advertising to see what’s working and what isn’t.

The answers we get and the information we collect will enable us to build a three-dimensional model of where you presently sit, what to retain and what to change - a platform for our next stage: Strategy.


With a clear understanding of your market position and which segments of the market are the most attractive for you to target moving forward, we can then develop a position for your brand. A position that takes into consideration your specific capabilities, how you differ from your competition and most importantly, what it is your clients and customers want and need from you.

Once we’ve created your brand strategy, we can then move on to creating targets for your business to aim for, and a customer value proposition that resonates with your target audience. We will then create your brand promise and define specific objectives for your marketing to strive for.


At this stage, we will define your marketing mix – the tactics best suited to your business to drive growth. This can include communications and advertising, pricing, service and product design and development and distribution.

Whatever the final channel mix looks like, it will be tailored to your business and specifically designed with your target consumer in mind so that it will drive awareness, stimulate interest and provide the information they require in the right place, at the right time and in the right way to promote consideration and convert your prospects into paying clients.

Tactics chosen for your business will be selected impartially. Every option will be chosen based on the results of any research commissioned by us or provided by you and the strategy developed and agreed by you.

With all this in place, we then build funnels specific to your business and its market to define what needs to happen at each stage, how to measure success and create the framework for tactics.

How we work

Amplify can work in several ways designed to meet your specific needs and maximise your available budget.

Outsourced Marketing Advisors

We can partner with you on a retainer basis and handle all your ongoing marketing needs, from research to campaign management and brand tracking.


A project-by-project arrangement for an agreed scope of work and timeline.

Strategy, Planning and Coaching

Strategy development, brand planning, and support during the tactical execution and roll-out project stages.

Creative Resources

Concept development and design for your advertising and corporate literature and communications across all channels.