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LNA is an IT consultancy and service provider that delivers on its ideas rather than selling canned solutions.

The Opportunity

The IT space is a confusing place these days. Op-Tech, Data, Digital Transformation, Infrastructure, Cloud, AI, Digital – lots of phrases and words offered as cure-alls for businesses but poorly understood. Even by the people selling them. The issue facing most companies? They face a tsunami of options but little advice on which ones will solve real business problems, provide competitive advantage, or act as revenue enhancers.

The Objective

Companies need more than cutting-edge tech. They also need advice that contextualises its application, assists in making the right decisions, and provides ongoing support that gives peace of mind and an extended capability to maximise their investment. LNA’s goal is to provide a service that understands the business and its obstacles, a plan to execute the ideas developed during the diagnostic phase and provide oversight and management of all digital assets. 

The Brief

We were asked to develop a mental model that tied LNA’s three core competencies into a recognisable service offer that could be easily communicated and understood. The model also included a brand idea that promoted LNA’s co-working philosophy and a striking brand identity to separate it from the ‘IT’ crowd.

The Strategy

Rather than talk about ‘digital transformation’ and get lost in the noise, we focused on LNA as business partners who will invest the time and effort required to thoroughly understand a business before selling a solution. We created the ‘Consult, Create, Consolidate’ model to address a business’s needs based on its objectives: quick wins, evolution, or total transformation. The LNA model identifies the organisation’s fundamental problem before providing a range of costed solutions designed to overcome the barriers to achieving their objectives. By avoiding a service-based approach and talking about IT’s next big thing, be it AI, Cloud, Data or cybersecurity, we’ve positioned LNA as an outcome-focused business that provides an end-to-end solution that will reorganise a company for a brighter and better future. 


The Response