Access Mining

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Access Mining is a new underground hard rock contractor providing contract services to mine owners.

The Opportunity

Access Mining comes to the underground mining industry with an entirely new philosophy focusing on holistic improvement for the clients they work for so they see operational enhancement, not only greater yields. They intend to deliver this through their unique ‘Sustainability’ business model that promotes long-term relationships between them, the mine-owning clients, their team and the supply partners they rely on for services, equipment and machinery. The Sustainability model will create value for all three Sustainability Pillars, unlike the legacy model that only delivers value to the client and company. In the post-COVID era the team wanted to re-define their brand and identity to take advantage of growth opportunities within the market as well as distinguish themselves from their competition.

The Objective

Communicating the meaning of Sustainability to each of the three pillars, clients, employees, and supply partners, is critical to establishing Access Mining. Each of the Sustainability Pillars perceives the meaning of sustainability differently based on the situation, context and outlook. We needed to reconcile each different point of view and, at the same time, disassociate Sustainability from its common association with the green movement.

The Brief

Access Mining came to us and requested a brand that would stand out in a highly competitive market and get noticed.

The Strategy

You can’t explain your point of difference if nobody notices you. After a period of research that took in the opinions of all stakeholder groups, we worked on building the brand and a go-to-market plan that would create awareness of Access Mining among their target audiences. To generate interest and keep the Access Mining brand top-of-mind, we created the brand idea ‘More than Ore’ and several unique campaign ideas supported by a distinctive brand identity that will visually and verbally communicate the brand proposition through eye-catching visuals and simple, direct language.

Access Mining
Access Mining
Access Mining

The Response

Early market feedback has been complimentary and positive. We continue to work with Access Mining in the roll-out of the brand and create campaigns to increase awareness and drive sales.

Access Mining