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Mercury ISS (Information Security Services) provides consulting and advisory services in information security for both software and hardware environments.

The Opportunity

Mercury ISS had grown organically with an ‘ad-hoc’ approach to its brand and identity. A business development programme that identified the need for brand and brand identity and Amplify was appointed to create a brand identity that would mark it as a professional entity in the growing information security services market.

The Objective

The owners of MercuryISS were looking to scale the business targeting large corporate and government departments. They felt they required an image reflecting their high capability and professionalism to achieve this.

The Brief

We were tasked with developing a brand identity that took in the findings of recently completed research. The brand needed to stand apart from its closest competitors and be memorable. It needed to appeal to both corporate and government markets equally.

The Strategy

We considered what exactly it was that clients needed from MercuryISS so we could define their unique appeal in a fast-growing market. We focused on what MercuryISS provide to the end user – assurance – rather than the software products themselves. We articulated the idea of assurance visually through a series of everyday items taken for granted but provided us with certainty in the face of unexpected threats or events.


The Response

With a clearly defined point of difference and distinctive brand identity, the company successfully established itself as a sought-after provider of information security services to the government and companies in the Canberra and Sydney markets. MercuryISS continues to grow and has since been the subject of a buyout.