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GatewayDMS is an established provider of dealer management software to the automotive and attendant industries.

The Opportunity

GatewayDMS identified several other market segments for its key product Voyager. Through previous research, we’d established that Voyager was superior to many of the dealer management software products on the market. New research uncovered that customers valued the high service and support they received – a clear white space opportunity.

The Objective

The first audience chosen was the agricultural machinery market. As a new market, many dealerships would not be aware of the GatewayDMS offer, so we needed to establish GatewayDMS as a trustworthy business partner who would help them grow and be with them long-term.

The Brief

GatewayDMS asked us to create new ideas and refresh their brand, defining them by their level of service and the ongoing support they provide, not just the features of their DMS, Voyager.

The Strategy

We reworked the GatewayDMS brand to reflect its service-led philosophy and position it as a people-first business that sold Voyager, an excellent software tool that would help users understand to maximise the benefits of their business. We created personas for the Agricultural Machinery segment to understand what they value and the problems they face. We developed a brand awareness campaign and created display, digital, and print advertising materials. The GatewayDMS website was comprehensively reworked and redesigned.


The Response

Within 12 months, GatewayDMS has made significant inroads into the Agricultural Machinery market, signing up several large dealers. GatewayDMS has acquired a significant market share and is on its way to becoming the category leader in the Agricultural Machinery market segment.