Méridien Energy

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Méridien Energy provides a range of solar solutions to individual homeowners and builders. Innovative and quality-focused, Méridien installs highly efficient systems that increase the value of the building they’re installed in.

The Opportunity

After several years of strong organic growth, Méridien Energy wanted to formalise its marketing activities and reach a broader audience. Several unbranded product ranges aimed at distinct market segments that required branding, and no cohesive approach existed to promote the parent brand or any of its products or services.

The Objective

Bring together disparate product and service offers under a cohesive brand architecture. Create a suite of materials and update the leading website in preparation for the launch of a campaign to drive sales and brand awareness. Concept, design and develop a campaign that will capture the attention of all target audiences across both B2B and B2C markets.

The Brief

The initial brief was to brand a specific product. However, it soon became apparent that there was a broader communications requirement. Amplify was asked to develop an overarching idea that could be used to communicate the Méridien Energy proposition regardless of customer segment.

The Strategy

Working closely with Méridien Energy, we could define each product and market hierarchy. Once we achieved this, we developed a brand position, which led to the creation of a brand-led advertising campaign, ‘Fight Back’ for deployment across all marketing channels, the tightening-up of the brand identity and the creation of a range of digital, dimensional and printed brand assets.

Méridien Energy
Méridien Energy
Méridien Energy

The Response

The new cohesive brand identity has been well-received by the market and has been a significant factor in driving recognition and attention in B2B markets.

Méridien Energy