Wallbeds Australia

The Client

Wallbeds Australia is manufacturers and suppliers of occasional, foldaway bedding solutions that maximise the use of space in home or office situations.

The Opportunity

A business that had experienced strong, organic growth Wallbeds Australia required a logo and a brand ‘look and feel’ that could be standardised and adopted for use in the proposed franchise model to be adopted nationally.

The Brief

Amplify were tasked with developing a new logo system that would remain consistent across all franchises but be able to be ‘personalised’ for use in each Prime Marketing Area (PMA).
Secondly, a universal ‘look and feel’ needed to be developed for use across all digital, print and signage assets and codified to guarantee a consistent look and feel across all franchise operations.

The Objective

Create a simple, distinctive brand identity and logo to be used consistently on a national basis that would appeal not only to customers but potential new franchisees as well.

The Strategy

Primarily a packaged furniture business much of its sales activity is online so whatever look and feel was adopted needed to work digitally. Given the simplicity of the product and functional nature of its application, a clean linear look and feel was adopted with bold contrasting colours.

All digital and print assets were redesigned and a standards manual developed and supplied along with templates and logos for use in individual franchises.

The Response

Within months Wallbeds Australia had achieved a consistency of look and feel that had been absent prior to this brand identity exercise and are now positioned to benefit from the synergies delivered by a consistent brand being implemented nationally.


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Asset Design
  • Brand Standards Manual