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CarbonLink, a pioneer in carbon farming, is leading the charge to improve the future for Australian farmers, their communities, and the environment at large.

CarbonLink Flyers

The Opportunity

CarbonLink has found itself lagging behind competitors due to an ineffective client acquisition model based on direct sales. The agricultural community’s limited understanding of carbon farming and scepticism from some farmers, accentuated by ill-informed professional service providers, further hampered growth. Overcoming these challenges is critical, as carbon farming allows Australian farmers to monetise their land through carbon credits, offering an alternative revenue stream, securing their future, and benefiting the broader agricultural community.

The Objective

Although CarbonLink had an existing logo and colour palette, they needed a suite of distinctive brand assets to clearly communicate their value proposition and explain the benefits of carbon farming to uninformed prospects. The existing website needed to be clearer and more user-friendly,  and the user experience more intuitive. Additionally, an integrated communications plan and a comprehensive brand strategy were essential to bring the CarbonLink message to the market, raise awareness of the CarbonLink offer and educate those with little to no knowledge of carbon farming and its benefits. 

The Brief

Amplify was engaged to create a new website and develop a comprehensive communications platform to engage all prospects interested in carbon farming. Stakeholder interviews revealed the need for a cohesive strategy to unify CarbonLink’s branding and communication. Amplify was also tasked with creating a creative concept for Beef24, a flagship event where CarbonLink expected to raise awareness of carbon farming among Australian graziers, drive engagement, and generate leads.

The Strategy

Recognising the agricultural community’s limited awareness and scepticism towards carbon farming, we devised an integrated communications plan targeting all stakeholders through digital and traditional channels. Leveraging CarbonLink’s reputation, we developed informative materials highlighting the benefits of carbon farming and CarbonLink’s pivotal role. We redesigned the website to engage prospects at every stage of their journey. Additionally, we produced case study videos and a photo library to showcase CarbonLink’s impact on farmers’ businesses and lives, bringing their projects to life.  


The Response

The integrated brand identity, conceptual work, website design, and communications plan have given CarbonLink a solid visual presence in a competitive market. With ongoing consulting support, we want to increase CarbonLink’s market share and expand the overall market.