Our Thinking

Turning a business into a brand takes thinking.

Here’s some of ours.

Build beyond the bluff.

Building Beyond Bluff with Brand Positioning

Brand | Marketing

29th January 2024

In our professional lives, we’ve all had the distinct pleasure – or torment, depending on the day – of sharing our working days with that person who was the Swiss […]

Somethings just won't go

Are you chasing the wrong clients?

Brand | Marketing | Research

24th November 2023

Bad marketing ‘advice’ from online ‘gurus’, ‘ninjas’ and ‘mavens’ might see you chasing clients that are a terrible fit for your business. A better bet is to invest in research. […]

Brand Refresh or Rebrand?

Reposition, Rebrand or Refresh. What does your brand need?


1st November 2023

As opinions change and attitudes shift, so do needs, wants and tastes. A brand that’s hip and sought after today may be on the nose tomorrow. All brands are, by […]