Our Thinking

Turning a business into a brand takes thinking.

Here’s some of ours.


What’s a Customer Value Proposition? And why should I care?

Brand | Marketing

3rd May 2024

Brand strategy meeting, Phun Phones Inc., Geebung, Brisbane The meeting’s not going well. In fact, proceedings have lapsed into a forlorn silence as senior execs stare at the phone before […]

Build beyond the bluff.

Building Beyond Bluff with Brand Positioning

Brand | Marketing

29th January 2024

In our professional lives, we’ve all had the distinct pleasure – or torment, depending on the day – of sharing our working days with that person who was the Swiss […]

Somethings just won't go

Are you chasing the wrong clients?

Brand | Marketing | Research

24th November 2023

Bad marketing ‘advice’ from online ‘gurus’, ‘ninjas’ and ‘mavens’ might see you chasing clients that are a terrible fit for your business. A better bet is to invest in research. […]

It'a not just about 'good looking'

It’s not just about ‘looking good’

Brand | Marketing

18th September 2023

Creativity that looks good, builds your brand, and contributes to your bottom line is truly fantastic. Unfortunately, many times the creative product falls short of expectations, and here are a […]


Go-to-market plan. What it is and why you need one

Brand | Marketing

3rd July 2023

Every company wants and needs to grow. After all, if you don’t, you’re going backwards, so received wisdom has it. Although growth can come from various sources, there’s one commonality […]


Account-Based Marketing. What it is and how to use it.


4th May 2021

What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)? Account-Based Marketing is a Business-to-Business (B2B) strategy that focuses resources on a set of clearly defined targets within a vertical. It uses personalised campaigns to […]


Marketing vs Human Resources is Bad for Business

Brand | Marketing

31st March 2021

A Marketing vs Human Resources mentality will damage your brand, this is why. To most people, the relationship between the marketing and HR departments of many companies to most people […]