Marketing vs Human Resources is Bad for Business

BrandMarketing31 March 2021

A Marketing vs Human Resources mentality will damage your brand, this is why. To most people, the relationship between the marketing and HR departments of many companies to most people probably resembles that of the two Koreas? In a siloed organisation, Marketing sees itself as the ‘keeper of the brand’, gathering consumer insight, communicating the […]

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Why ‘Brand’? An explanation in practical terms

Brand15 February 2021
To brand or not to brand

There’s much fluffy talk about brand; what they are and why you should have one but very little that actually tells you how it will benefit you from a business perspective. At a time when having brand has never been more critical, many business owners still believe that they are an unnecessary luxury. But before […]

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Customer orientation, centricity or focus. Call it what you like, but it’s critical.

Marketing22 October 2019

Thinking you’ve got it right, isn’t enough Customer orientation is something most businesses could do with more of. Who hasn’t thought they were onto a winner only to find out it wasn’t the guaranteed success it appeared to be? Some years ago, we jumped on the Adobe Digital Publishing bandwagon. With the uptake of tablets, […]

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Do your market research

Marketing8 July 2019

Trying to build a brand without market research may be as dangerous as putting your trust in Dr Google. Sore throat, headache, aches and pains: a simple flu or early symptoms of Ebola virus? Depending on your search terms and what you click on, it could be anything according to Google! We’ve all done the […]

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Without an idea, advertising’s just wallpaper

Advertising6 June 2019

When venture capitalists assess an idea before agreeing to finance it, the accepted norm is that it may be a good idea but without execution, it’s next to worthless. Conversely, in advertising the reverse is nearly always the accepted truth. We all understand that the idea of an ad is to sell us something, and […]

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Is your brand losing focus?

Brand3 August 2018

Brands are in a state of constant change, evolving and adapting to new conditions around them and responding to the changes in their marketplace. Because of this, brands are always working to balance where they’ve come from, where they are and where they are going. With so many conflicting demands, it is very easy for […]

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Is your brand in need of a relaunch?

Brand3 July 2017
refresh or rebrand

As opinions change and attitudes shift so do needs, wants and tastes. All brands are by necessity, in a state of constant evolution. The size and nature of the changes required differ significantly across different business segments and from company to company. So, should you refresh or rebrand? On involves revamping what you already have […]

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It’s not just about ‘looking good’

Advertising8 March 2017

Creative that looks good is great. But creative that builds your brand and adds to your bottom line is fantastic. All too often sadly, the creative product doesn’t live up to expectations and here are a few reasons why: Not enough ‘thinking time’ before commissioning the project Often, many projects are the result of reactive rather […]

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